General notes on your custom theme


Using the list of top-level pages on your website as a guide to understanding how your website works, there are several main components to comprehend:


A great way to think of the Homepage is consider it as a "parent container" that houses multiple secondary "child" sections. In general, each of these secondary child sections is managed as a subpage of it's respective parent page. Each secondary child section contains some content that you can customize, and most sections also contain a series of links to other pages on your website. Each of these links is set up as another tertiary child page of it's respective secondary parent section.

For more info on how to manage content on your Homepage, check out How to manage content and links on your homepage.

Our Impact

The Our Impact page is set up as a blog page. For more on managing these pages, check out How to manage content and links on your Our Impact page.

Get Involved, Events, Resources and About links

These links in your navigation menu will bring you to their respective sections on the homepage. Each is set up as secondary "child" section of the homepage (see above).

Community Events page, Donate page, and other pages on your website.

For organization purposes, all of the other pages on your website are setup as subpages of "Content & Other Pages". This is where you will find your Community Events calendar page, your Donate page, as well as all of the other pages that you've created links to on the Homepage (see above). Remember, if you update a slug or remove a page from this section, be sure to also update all of the links to this page throughout the rest of your website (i.e. on the Homepage).


This section contains the documentation provided for your custom website & theme.