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first-post.pngThis is the first blog post. You can insert photos into a post and embed content. Blogs are extremely useful, as they provide a platform for highlighting things taking place on your nation, as well as news or press that develops. They also keep your site content fresh, and increase the likelihood someone searching for topics related to your nation will find your website.

Learn how to create a blog and some tips for keeping it updated.

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You can also watch "Setting up a blog for your website" in high definition on our YouTube page.

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Blogs can have many blogs posts, unlimited authors, comments, extended entries, and embedded media from more than 200 sites. Advanced settings under the "blog" tab allow you to specify which blog posts to show, how many to show, etc. and whether or not logged-in visitors can write guest posts. You can also auto-tag anyone who posts a guest blog entry.

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