L.A.'s College Promise Kick-Off

1 Free year of Community College Promised to LAUSD Graduates



The L.A. College Promise officially kicked-off with a public celebration at Los Angeles City College on September 14, 2016 that featured Dr. Jill Biden, Second Lady of the United States and Honorary Chair of President Obama’s national College Promise Campaign who stresses that the L.A. College Promise is not a “one-way street.”  She spoke directly to students in the audience and explained that if they benefit from the L.A. College Promise, they must also give back to their communities once they graduate.  

Other speakers at the kick-off included Chancellor Rodriguez, Superintendent King, Lieutenant Governor Newsom, and Mayor Garcetti. The event was attended by an energetic crowd of community college and civic leaders from other college promise initiatives, LAUSD and LACCD staff, students, and media officials.


Michelle King and Dr. Francisco Rodriguez began the event by emphasizing the importance of a lasting LAUSD-LACCD partnership--embodied by the L.A. College Promise--that will allow LAUSD students to attend community college regardless of financial status.  An LACCD student board member and LAUSD student leader expressed appreciation for this partnership and its potential to open doors to low-income students like themselves, who without free tuition have little chance of attending or completing college.  Pointing to these compelling student stories, Mayor Garcetti called on other communities to take action to implement college promise initiatives. 


Dr. Jill Biden concluded the event by stressing that the L.A. College Promise is not a “one-way street” and Promise students must give back to their communities once they graduate.  

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