Our Mission

Each year, thousands of qualified students do not apply to college because they fear their financial barriers are too great and lack knowledge about available aid options. L.A. Cash for College works to tackle these issues by engaging students and families throughout the year in a series of integrated events and activities that are designed to help students pursue their college and career dreams. We believe that no student or family should write off attending college due to financial concerns alone. Our goal is to educate students and families so that finances are no longer a factor in deciding against going to college.

L.A. Cash for College was developed in 2002, in response to USC's Tomas Rivera Policy Institute’s study, College Knowledge: What Latino Parents Need to Know and Why They Don't Know It. The study found that while "96 percent of Latino parents want their children to attend college," few had an understanding of how to support their children in applying for college admissions or accessing financial aid. Since then, L.A. Cash for College has become one of the region's largest financial aid awareness campaigns, helping more than 238,000 students and families navigate the college admissions process and apply for financial aid programs.