College Life Workshop Topics


AB 540 and CADAA: Higher Education Opportunities for Immigrant Students (Friday & Saturday)

The presentation will educate attendees about the financial aid and higher education opportunities available to students regardless of their immigration status.  Participants will learn about in-state tuition eligibility under Assembly Bill 540 and how to access thousands of dollars of FREE financial aid through the California Dream Act.

Behind the Scenes Look into Admissions (Friday & Saturday)

This session goes beyond discussing admissions eligibility requirements to provide students with “insider knowledge” on what actually occurs in the application review process. Students will learn about the wide variety of factors that contribute to the holistic review of a candidate. Students will also learn how schools attempt to choose a freshman class to balance the needs of the college with the many talented students that apply to selective colleges each year.

College 101 (Introducción a la Universidad) (Saturday)

This session will cover the different systems of higher education (i.e., community college, 4-year public universities, 4-year private universities, etc.) and what each system has to offer. This session will also identify and address the various steps it takes to prepare for each system of higher education.

How to Prepare for College (Friday & Saturday)

This session will cover the requirements necessary to attend California’s public universities. Students who are interested in attending a California State University or a University of California campus will learn which classes they are required to complete in high school to meet the A-G requirement sequence, what a personal statement should look like, and about other requirements to be eligible to attend these institutions.

 L.A. College Promise (Friday & Saturday)

This session will introduce students and families to the L.A. College Promise and will review the qualifications. This session will also cover the important aspects of the Promise, such as waived tuition for the first year of college, priority enrollment and a dedicated support team providing a wide array of academic and student support services.

Scholarship Opportunities and Resources (Friday & Saturday)

This presentation will inform students about the availability of additional financial aid dollars through private scholarships. Students who attend this session will learn how to apply for “merit-based” scholarships, about different sites and organizations they can look into for scholarship opportunities, and what typical scholarship applications require.

Surviving Your 1st Year of College (Friday)

This session will be led by recent college grads and current college students and will cover what high school seniors need to know as they transition to college. This session will also touch on the academic expectations that students will face, strategies to meet those expectations, the support they can receive on campus, and how to maintain a successful balance between the academic and social aspects of college. 

Your Child Got Accepted to College, Now What? (Saturday)

This session will cover the transition from high school to college and will address the continued role of parents in their child’s education as they transition to college. Presenters will help parents understand life on campus and the experience that their child is about to embark on.

Factors to Consider in Choosing a College and Major (Saturday)

This presentation covers the college decision making process and will help students identify the criteria that are important to them when deciding on a college, major, and career.